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Hassan’s Optician Company Success Story dates to more than half a century back to when a newly Qualified Optician from Tehran set foot for the first time in Kuwait where he initiated his Optical business.

It was 1951 when Hassan Saadat Opened Kuwait’s first professional optical shop where he sold some of the first pairs of branded glasses in Kuwait since its inception. The Company has shown firm commitment to providing its clients with the highest standards of professional service in the trade and soon managed to build a reputation for excellence in the field of Sunglasses, Ophthalmic Frames and Contact Lenses. With a dedication to Quality as its basis standard, the growing Company soon added other essential criteria to trade, excellence in the marketplace, service to community and offering superior Quality.

- In 1960, Hassan Saadat obtained the first Professional License for eye testing within an optical Shop in Kuwait and then obtained an additional License as a contact lens fitter and technician. A few years later Hassan’s business was expanding even more due to his Customer Oriented Policy of Quality in Products and Services.

- In 1969, Hassan’s Optician has expanded to open in Oman and open optical retail shops with the same high standards, in addition to the company providing Hearing Aid and Medical Equipment recently as well.

- In 1987, Hassan’s Optician introduced Hearing Aids to Kuwait and became the first Company representing the most important, accredited and advanced companies all over the World in Hearing Aid technology & Solutions.

After Kuwait Liberation in 1991, all of Hassan’s Option’s Showrooms were looted and several were completely destroyed, but Hassan Saadat’s preserved them and had re-established each one of them within a year.

- In 1993, Hassan’s Optician introduced Hearing Aids to Oman and opened its First Jewelry Branch in Kuwait.

- In 1996, Hassan’s Optician established its new whole sale optical Company in Dubai.

- In 2016, Hassan’s Optician expanded their Business in the Dental field by adding a dental department which was followed by a new company named; Hassan’s Biomedical established in 2017, which has a full range of Dental Equipment, supplies, Disposable and implants.

- In 2017, Hassan’s Optician did a massive change in Ophthalmic Lens Manufacturing industry by opening Zeiss Factory in Kuwait, which is the only facility worldwide manufacturing Zeiss lens outside Zeiss Company.

- In 2018, Hassan’s Optician has introduced 3D Technology inside the Hearing Aid Lab that works on the full process of; Scanning, Modeling & Printing to be one of few Labs In the Middle East and Africa who own and use the technology to give customers the optimum standard quality worldwide.

- In 2021 Hassan’s Optician established its first Dental Clinic "Jibla Dental Center " in Kuwait City.

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Since its establishment 1951, Hassan’s Optician Company has built a business with major market share in Kuwait. Hassan’s Optician retail and whole sale distribution chain have been organized to offer services of the highest quality and have been designed to meet specific, well researched local needs.

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